Aug. 5th, 2015

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OK, so I am writing.
This is a combination of several things. I am out of work on short-term disability because of pneumonia, which I am recovering from, and congestive heart failure, which I am trying to shake.
As much as I would like to do some part-time work for the paper I work for, I can't do that.
What I can do is watch a lot of TV shows on the Internet, and I can write about those.
I grew up watching TV, but I have not had typical cable TV for the last eight years. I continued to pay attention to some things, but didn't watch a lot of others.
Over the last year or so, maybe a little longer, I have discovered streaming shows on the Internet (yes, I am a Luddite), and there are others like West Wing I have watched on DVD.
Anyway, I love sharing ideas, so here are some thoughts on some of the shows I have been watching.
A caveat: Some spoilers are definitely going to slide into these summaries, so be forewarned about that. There will not be a lot, and some of these shows have been around more than a decade, so I would expect you know some things.
Since Facebook and Google+ are not the best platforms for this, I am going to post here.
Look for the first installment later tonight.
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Criminal Minds: So I am pretty well caught up through the end of the current season, so I decided to drop back on Netflix and watch Season 1, Episode 1: "Extreme Aggressor."

I have a difficult relationship with Criminal Minds. I will watch it for a while, then get freaked out, then go back to it later. I have watched much of it already, but the old stuff was a long time ago, so there are pieces I remember and pieces I don't.

Immediate thoughts on the first episode: I didn't realize Morgan didn't trust Gideon at first. He is very negative. (He also quotes Yoda). Reid is really geeky, more so than usual. It was odd to see all men from the team going into the FBI office at first.

I didn't realize just how central Gideon's character was from Day One. It must have been hard for the writers to make the adjustment.
I also noticed the use of music right up front. This is the first show I really noticed the effective use of music.

It will be interesting to watch Penelope develop.

This is the first time I have watched something on Netflix. I love not having commercials.

Binging through Season 1, Episode 3 now. Love the focus on Gideon. I do love having watched the show before, because you can anticipate some of the clues, etc.

Addendum: Through Season 1, Episode 6 now. All in one day. Definitely changes the way your brain processes information.


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