Aug. 15th, 2015

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NCIS: (Last post was around Season 12, Episode 20; Now through all of Season 12).
Here's a direct quote from my last NCIS post:
"I watched a lot of Season 12, and I felt like it was really dragging. My understanding is it picks up in the final episodes, so I will have to go back and watch those."
That turns out to be true. I  have mentioned that I like shows that really get an arc going, and in the last four episodes or so, NCIS really gets a good one going, all the way up to a cliffhanger ending for the season. I am really glad I went back to finish it, and now I am looking forward to the next season.

Zoo: (Last post was at Season 1, Episode 5; Now at Season 1, Episode 7).

Dragging a little bit. The show is a lot more interesting when it focuses on the animals rather than the people. You can definitely see how they are drawing it out a bit, and right now, things are a little confused.

Criminal Minds: (Last post was at Season 1, Episode 6; Now through Season 1, Episode 18).

I am really enjoying this, partly because I have seen all of these before, and while I do not remember the entire plot for each episode, I remember enough of it to be really interested in each episode. Again, I am enjoying watching the character's develop and track who and what Derek tackles along the way.


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