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Thoughts on TV shows, Part II

Zoo: I had read the James Patterson book, so I was really interested in watching this. I like the changes they made. I am not used to watching current TV. It's been a long time, so the idea of having to wait (and find ways to watch it) is hard. But this is definitely interesting/ Lots of twists. I am through Season 1, Episode 5.

The Last Ship: I read a lot of post-apocalyptic fiction, but I had never read William Brinkley's book. I am glad now that I didn't because, like Zoo, the min-series is very different book.

It's also one of the best TV series I have ever seen. The twist at the end of Season 1 was amazing.
Things slowed a little at the start of Season 2, but I am at now through Season 2, Episode 5. I will definitely keep watching this.

Gotham: This is the third show in a row that I have started from the beginning. That is not very usual for me, because we went so long without broadcast television. I am not a huge Batman geek, but I love what they have done with this show. I think the key to watching this version of the Batman story is being able to suspend your disbelief and make no assumptions about the future. (I learned this from the Star Trek reboot. That was hard to do, but I learned a lot from it.) Again, I am enjoying the twists, and there have been a lot of cool twists. I am looking forward to seeing it develop.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: I guess I have been starting a lot of series from the beginning lately. I was totally hooked until the first break, then my interest really dropped off. I am not sure why. I picked it up enough to get through the end of the first season, but I have not really been watching it since. I didn't make it through a single episode of Agent Carter, which is odd, because I thought I would like it.


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