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Master Liam’s Favorite SCA musicians
Class Notes from “Liam’s Favorite Songs”

Important note: This is not meant to be a definitive list of singers of the style of SCA folk music (I call it SCA filk, but some of the musicians disagree), It’s not even a definitive list of my favorites. If your favorite artist is not on here, please do not take it the wrong way. There will be time for sharing at the end of class.

Heather Dale: Perhaps the only SCA musi­cian making a living with music, Heather has a wonderful voice and an amazingly dy­namic stage presence. She and guitarist Ben Deschamps travel frequently, and they are always looking for house parties. Heather has a couple of SCA-specific CDs, includ­ing “Call The Names,” and is also distin­guished as a singer of Arthurian lullabies. In fact, Mistress Marion of Heatherdale does not have a Laurel for performing music, but rather for her Arthurian research.

Hector of the Black Height: Chalk up an­other for Ealdormere Laurels. Hector, who also writes the most exquisite scroll texts, has done what I think of as perhaps the best SCA CD ever – “The Red Album” – which include the Ealdormere anthem “Rise,” the poignant, “Home To Ealdormere,” and some of the funniest songs you have ever heard.

John Inchingham: A Midrealm Laurel, first bard who ever gave me a CD. It was a present. John is also an amazing fencer. His five or so CDs are absolutely hilarious and include a number of other outstanding bards like Master Cerian.

Efenwealt Whystle: (He gets to write his) Efenwealt is the alter ego of singer/song­writer Scott Vaughan. In his Efenwealt persona, he is a best described as a modern-day minstrel with a comedic bent. He has been writing and recording music since 1989. Most of his original work is SCA, but he also does Harry Potter music with “The Blubbering Humdingers.”

Bryce de Byram: And in this corner, from Atlantia, a triple peer . . . (why is it all these people are peers?). Bryce is the voice of chiv­alry and honor. In fact, his CD is called “Songs of Chivalry. “Great stuff from a great guy.

Ken Theriot: Not your average Ansteorran knight. (Is there such a thing?) If Hector’s is the best SCA CD I own, Ken’s “Human His­tory” is a very close second.

Lisa Theriot: Another Ansteorran bard of high renown , her CD based on the Canterbury Tales ought to be in every high school teach­er’s library. She writes some of Ken’s songs.

Baldwin of Erebor: One of the old-school SCA bards, his “Welcome to the Current Mid­dle Ages” is a must-own CD.

Aneleda of Falconbridge: She has emereged over the last few years as the strong and con­fident voice of the East, and an advocate for music in the kingdom. “I am of the North is still my favorite, although she has been pro­ducing some other fine work lately.

And more: These are eight folks I listen to a lot. I asked my friends for more, and among those they listed were: Joe Bethancourt, Leslie Fish, Samantha Moore, the Whiskey Bards, Rosalind Jehanne, Mateo de Madris, John ap Wynn, Truly Carmichael, Wyndreth Bergins­dottir and Aneleda of Falconridge. There are many more.

Second note: Many of these artists’ CDs are available at Pennsic. Camelor Treasures, that’s Efenwealt and his lady, have the best selection. John ap Wynn, at the top of Runestone Hill has a number of artists, including his own and all of John Inchingham’s Some will sell CDs after their shows. They are also on line.

Heather Dale: Music available at

Lisa and Ken Theriot: Music available at

Various: Music available at

Music available at

Hector of the Black Height

Date: 2015-08-18 01:00 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
At Pennsic I happened to walk past two young lasses singing his "Wolves Song". I had to stop and listen to the whole thing!

Not only were the two girls very talented, they also had excellent harmony. But it was the emotion in the words that moved me, and I told them so as I tossed a pair of gold dollar coins into their basket.

Not that you need more topics to write on, but if you felt like it you can wax eloquent about the tradition of busking :-D


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