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Bringing this over from Facebook:

So I have been editing through the responses from my own wall and from the SCA wall to the question: What kind of book do you want to read about the SCA?
There were some great answers and some terrific ideas.
I am going to put the majority of the suggestions on my wall.
Reading through them, the theme seems to be stories about people and events and NSTIW-type stories.
There was also the suggestion of writing about specific "legends" in the SCA.
I guess my main concern is that I will leave out some of the classic stories or people.
I so not worry too much about specific versions, because this is oral history. (Duke Vissevald of the East says there are stories about him he knows are not true, but he doesn't remember which one.)
So toss me ideas -- like Viz and the Drill Sergeant and "Hitting the King with Traffic Cones.
Who are some of the people you want to hear about: Those with us and those who are gone?

Date: 2015-09-09 08:30 pm (UTC)
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I'd definitely like what Legends & such you know or can find. It's the sort of stuff I'd really like made into some kind of book or widely-accessible Book of Tales, if only so they DO get passed on to the next generation, as it appears all to often to me that they don't (or as widely as they ought among the current ones), being the "common culture" of the group.

It is something I reflect upon when a picture comes up like the recent Old Guard We Are The East one with El and Patri, James the Fair & Aelfwine. Names and deeds which should be recalled, not left to become a "Who??" as the group gets larger, younger and the tales no longer spread as far from those who remember - or retell the tales they once heard from another.


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