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1. So after showering, shaving, tec., etc., and posting, I went back to bed and slept for another couple of hours. It felt really good, because my wife had not yet gotten up.

2. Someone mentioned menus yesterday. I got up and made Buckwheat pancakes (with local syrup, but not from yesterday), and blueberry chicken sausage. (I did however manage to put the water in the coffee poit without adding coffee).

3. You know how they give a "Shield of Chivalry" for the most chivalrous fighter in Eastern Crown?

In the West, it's called the "Wreath of Chivalry."

Western Crown happened yesterday.

If you see [ profile] stevefava (yes, that's Ajax), ask him to see his Wreath of Chivalry. ;)

Believe it or not, there is one other person who has earned the Wreath of Chivalry, who reads me regularly. Anyone want to tale a guess?

4. A friend gives me a free e-mail address, so I don't complain when there are occasional outages. However, often this results in messages being lost when the mail comes back, so I need to say this:

If you sent me anything this morning (yeah, my reading list up on a Sunday morning, right!), please send it to . Please use that address until further notice.
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1. Thanks for all the neat answers to my questions. I am really enjoying that thread. I have the coolest readers.

2. There was fresh, not maple syrup for the pancakes, and at the second sugaring house, there was maple cotton candy and hot maple mustard/ We went to on Saratoga for shopping, etc. We finished with Thai food and sushi, then Ben & Jerry's

3. Thanks to[ profile] firebreathnchkn's link, we now know that some folks do not think CPAP machines are sexy --

4. OK, then, hundreds and hundreds of explanations of Bad English!

5. I keep reminding myself to not forget things like this are still happening:

From The New York Times

BAGHDAD — Four American soldiers were killed near the capital in the past two days, the military said Saturday, and north of Baghdad an American attack helicopter killed six people who the Iraqi police said were pro-American Sunni militia fighters.

I must remember.


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