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1. Part of this was stirred by the content strike issue, which became rather personal with some of my friends. Part of it is a general feeling about the way some folks deal with LJ. [Of course, this is also an issue in the "Real World," too.]

2. I am getting tired of seeing people attacked in their own LJ for their opinions. Most of the discourse in my posts was very civil, but I saw it in other LJs. The way I look at it is that if someone posts their opinion in their LJ, you approach it as if they made the commentary in their own living room. You can disagree, certainly, but you do it politely. If you want to disagree strongly, maybe private e-mail -- or just leaving -- is the way to go.

3. On a slightly different tack. *sigh* I wish LJ used the term "reading list," rather than friends' list, but such is life.

I think it's natural that when someone "de-lsts" you as folks are saying right now, it's ntaural to wonder why. II know that may seem kinda silly, but that's the way I feel. f it's someone I really know, I will sometimes ask why. (That happened this week. I got a polite and informative answer).

Here's what I would ask: (and of course you don't have to do it). If you are dropping  me because of basic day-to-day LJ stuff such as trimming your friends' list because you are consistently getting to skip=75 or 100 when you read through it to catch up, that's cool. If you just aren't intertested, that's cool, too.

But, I would ask if you drop me because of something I did or said or because you are upset at me, could you please drop me a note? I would appreciate that.

4. That said, I will probably do some trimming, too. If I cut you because I am mad or offended, I'll tell ya. OK? Otherwise, it's just part of the whole LJ thing.


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