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Greetings to the Known World from Andreas and EikBrandr, Prinz  of  the East and Prince of the Midrealm-

We have an exciting  announcement concerning  Pennsic War this year.   As the hosts of the upcoming Pennsic War, we have been working diligently to come up with a war that EVERYONE can get behind.  A war that will  include everyone from every Kingdom of the Known World, and where every  point will count . Every year we talk of annual enemies and  eternal friends. It is our goal to make this a strong reality this  year. To this end, We invite you all to a great contest of  arms!

So what is different from years past? This will be a two part  war, the first being the traditional style where the Midrealm and  their allies will pit
their strength of arms against The East and  it's  allies. And then at one point in the war, determined by Us,  the Tiger and the Dragon will unite to stand
side by side and take  on the rest of the Known World! It will require the rest of our  allies to unite and test their Generals, warriors, fencers, and
archers  against the might of the new Pennsic Alliance.

It is our common goal to  ensure that everyone has a good time this year, and to be able to test their  skills of war in a fun and friendly environment.
The most important point  is not that one side wins, but that the fight is hard fought,  close, and exciting for all.

While working together to make this  great gathering a success, We have found that We are very much of the  same mind. We have been building a strong friendship between  each other and know that Our Kingdoms will grow closer by the end  of this war. We will have the
opportunity to fight side by  side with many of our old friends and then have the pleasure of seeing  them across the field. By combining our two armies,
the East and the  Midrealm will build stronger ties that will strengthen our eternal  friendship.

Due to the economy, we recognize that everyone is making  hard decisions on which events to attend. We appreciate our populaces  for choosing to attend Pennsic War. We aspire to make your  vacation choice an enjoyable experience that will have many good memories for
years to come. We hope you will join us this year at  war and bring many of your friends and family along to enjoy it with  you.

In Service to the Dream,

Prince EikBrandr   Prinz Andreas

Midrealm and East United
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1. Welcome to [ profile] pezgirl247 and [ profile] ragnarmachardy,

2. Up at the o'dark workday hour of 6:30 a.m. So we can go to Bergental/BBM Barional Yule via Webb's Yarn Store.

3. I correctly guesses this morning temperature. It's 15 degrees in the North Country.

4. So my boss came in and gave me my paycheck yesterday, and I asked if there was anything else, and she said she'd given her notice and was taking a job with the state. This oughta be interesting.

5. I have managed to combine vacation days and holidays in such a way that my last day of work will be Dec. 23, and my first day back will be Jan. 5. We will be driving to Absecon, N.J., on Dec. 24 to visit [ profile] alethea_eastrid's grandmother and family, then probably passing through Philly on Dec. 26 or Dec. 27, and spending a couple of days in Douglasville, Pa., with my Mom, sister and family, before -- I expect -- heading home. Anyone got any bright ideas?

6. One of the folks on my friends' list has suggested replacing the word "pimp," as in pimp my Polar Plunge, with "shill." Any thoughts.

7. The sixth photo of the sixth page meme:

It's [ profile] knoggleknot at Bjorn's Ceilidh.
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1. So after showering, shaving, tec., etc., and posting, I went back to bed and slept for another couple of hours. It felt really good, because my wife had not yet gotten up.

2. Someone mentioned menus yesterday. I got up and made Buckwheat pancakes (with local syrup, but not from yesterday), and blueberry chicken sausage. (I did however manage to put the water in the coffee poit without adding coffee).

3. You know how they give a "Shield of Chivalry" for the most chivalrous fighter in Eastern Crown?

In the West, it's called the "Wreath of Chivalry."

Western Crown happened yesterday.

If you see [ profile] stevefava (yes, that's Ajax), ask him to see his Wreath of Chivalry. ;)

Believe it or not, there is one other person who has earned the Wreath of Chivalry, who reads me regularly. Anyone want to tale a guess?

4. A friend gives me a free e-mail address, so I don't complain when there are occasional outages. However, often this results in messages being lost when the mail comes back, so I need to say this:

If you sent me anything this morning (yeah, my reading list up on a Sunday morning, right!), please send it to . Please use that address until further notice.


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